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Still in the hospital, wrapped in hospital clothes and blankets.  (7/07)

Elaine with each of her very tired parents while recovering in the hospital.  (7/07)

Finally home, the new family takes a nap together...

And another nap...

And another.

From the moment we brought her home, Patrick has been Elaine's devoted guardian, constantly checking on her.  (8/7/07)

(8/7/07)  Elaine with each of her grandmothers.  (8/12/07)

Hanging out on the floor with the dogs.  (8/11/07)

Patrick keeps a watchful eye as Elaine tries out her new baby bouncer.  (8/16/07)

Elaine learns to salsa dance with her Auntie M.  (8/1707)

The Glorious Young Princess Elaine Catherine makes a royal proclamation after recieving her Utterly Vital Fairy Princess Kit in the mail from her fairy godmother.  (8/22/07)

(Yes, our daughter has a fairy godmother.)

Working at the computer with and then being held sideways by her dad.  (~8/27/07)

on to Elaine in September

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