Elaine in September

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Elaine loves her snow leopard.  All those spots!  (9/1/07)

Every morning, Elaine spends about twenty minutes batting at her snow leopard, kicking her legs, and making various cooing noises.  (9/1/07)

Elaine watches Heidi pretend not to be waiting to steal Daniel's bowl.  (9/7/07)

(9/7/07)  When Elaine doesn't want to sleep, we have to go to great measures to make her -- here, we've tried the sensory deprivation theory of baby soothing.  However, when Elaine does want to sleep... well... you see.  (9/11/07)

Right before this, she was holding her head upright.   (9/8/07)

Being held by her Great-Aunt Yan and Great-Uncle Steve.  (9/15/07)

The cat's name is Oliver.  (9/16/07)

Elaine meets her Grandpa Dave.  (9/16/07)

(9/17/07)  Bundled up in her car seat -- and strapped into her stroller.  (9/18/07)

Elaine meets her Great Grandma Pearl.  (9/17/07)

Four generations:  Elaine with her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.  (9/17/07)

Concentrating on holding that head up...  (9/20/07)

Elaine meets her Great Grandpa Wes.  (9/22/07)

Elaine tries on her Halloween costume-in-progress.  (9/23/07)

Reigning supreme in her bright red, Chinese pajamas sent by her Great-Aunt Yan.  (9/27/07)

In our pajamas, at my computer.  (9/30/07)

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