August, '10

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Seventh anniversary.  (8/2/10)

Forget cloning ancient DNA preserved in amber...  (8/5/10)

This little scientist has found a way to recreate velociraptors from sugar, flour, and butter!  (8/5/10)

Waterball with Tré Dainjer.  (8/7/10)

This year, Elaine actually got in the water!  (8/7/10)

Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Dave make English toffee ice cream.  (8/7/10)

Meeting baby Jesse.  (8/8/10)

Elaine loves birthday cakes.  (8/8/10)

Birthday parties are the best form of recreation.  (8/8/10)

Parting is such... noisy, painful sorrow.  (8/8/10)

Banannibal.  (8/10/10)

An important phone call.  (8/12/10)

Rebelliously sipping lemonade and being a dog.  (8/14/10)

At the fair, the days are filled with sheep.  (8/18/10)

The nights are filled with tigers.  (8/18/10)

Wide eyed wonder.  And bright, bright lights.  (8/18/10)

Elaine and Tobias constitute the entirety of their generation at the Brownell family reunion.  (8/19/10)

Hiking around a lake near Winchester Bay.  (8/21/10)

"Can you tell me what a lighthouse is?  Okay.  Well, a lighthouse is a big, round, white, tall building...  ...  And somebody said, 'Oh!  I won't crash this building!'"  (8/21/10)

Roasting hot dogs on the beach.  (8/21/10)

Baby doll mind meld.  (8/22/10)

Third-cousins.  (8/22/10)


Hiking is hard work.  (8/26/10)

Reading a story to baby Jesse.  (8/28/10)

Holding her second-cousin.  (8/28/10)

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