July, '11

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Working on her latest one-sentence epic, a wish fulfilment fantasy piece,
starring herself and "the Toy Story guys."  (7/1/11)

*When completed, it read "I WANT TO MEET THE TOY STORY GUYS."

The white duck symbolizes patience as Elaine and Grandpa Dave wait for
their pancake breakfast.  Like patience, the white duck is fleeting.  (7/3/11)

Flower Dash is going to teach all the Earth ponies how to fly.  (7/3/11)

"'Cause after all, those wings will take you up so high..."  (7/3/11)

"So bid the forest floor goodbye, as you race the wind and take to the sky."  (7/3/11)

Watching the fireworks from a safe distance.  (7/4/11)

And so the cousins meet again...  (7/8/11)

Cold, cold water in the California heat.  (7/8/11)

Too cold for her little cousin.  (7/8/11)

Swapping jokes with Uncle Jonathan.  Most of them had the punchline, "HEEEEY!!!"  (7/9/11)

Giraffes...  (7/10/11)

...dragons with teddy bears...  (7/10/11)

...giant beach balls...  (7/10/11)

...and lots of goats...  (7/10/11)

...at Happy Hollow.  (7/10/11)

Grandpa Ralph teaches Elaine about...  (7/13/11)

...striped figs, banana plants...  (7/13/11)

...and unripe pistachios at Emma Prusch Park.

"Z-O-O spells princess!" (7/14/11)

Oma Suzy provides a crown for the princess.  (7/16/11)

A cupcake decorated to have her name on it by her fairy godmother.  (7/16/11)

The first ever performance of Jesse's one man band.  (7/23/11)

The bright, shining center of the universe.  (7/25/11)

Every time she went down, she sang out, "We're go-ing down the hi-ills!"  (7/27/11)

The long awaited green sno-cone.

And some presents.  (7/27/11)

Four years old.  Oh yeah.  (7/27/11)

A cake with all the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic cutie marks on it.*  (7/27/11)

*Made by Grandma Janet

"Here butterflies, butterflies, butterflies!"  (7/27/11)

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!"  (7/27/11)

Reading pony stories with Great Grandma Pearly.  (7/29/11)

Party time!  (7/31/11)

"My best friend Pinkie Pie."  (7/31/11)

"The wind helped blow out my candles!  Why did the wind help blow out my candles?"  (7/31/11)

Candy-ectomy.  (7/31/11)

A successful operation.  (7/31/11)

Cheering themselves after several rousing duets, including "The Alphabet Song," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and "Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."  (7/31/11)

Squeal loudly and carry many balloons.  (7/31/11)

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