September, '10

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"We got a new dog!"  (9/3/10)

All the dogs.  Dale, June, Quinn, Wendy, and Trudy.  (9/4/10)

You are cordially invited to a tea party featuring fruit salad and drum cake.  (9/9/10)

Elaine wishes to put a penny in the fountain.  (9/10/10)

Her wish came true!  (9/10/10)

The best dancer at the Saturday Market.  (9/11/10)

River romp.  (9/14/10)

Elaine teaches her doll, Penny, to "swim like the dogs."  (9/14/10)

"Time is down," she patiently explains when we foolishly tell her
"Time's up; let's go!"  (9/14/10)

Preparing for Talk Like a Pirate Day at the library.  (9/18/10)

The Bone-Cutter Pirate's flag.  (9/18/10)

One pirate on her ship.  (9/19/10)

Two pirates with a sword.  (9/19/10)

Three pirates with a parrot.  (9/19/10)

Six pirates.  Arrr!  (9/19/10)

The master of dragging out bedtime requires that she -- and each of her babies -- be tucked in ten times and tickled to sleep.  (9/20/10)

Through the looking glass.  (9/28/10)

Hurrying home from pre-school.  So that she can get ready to go back again!  (9/29/10)

Criss-cross, alphabet-sauce.  (9/29/10)

Preschool pointilism.  (9/30/10)

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