October, '10

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We still have a new dog!  (10/5/10)

While Christians and Happy Atheists evangelize in the background,
Elaine sings a song about Wendy.  (10/7/10)

The pumpkin carver spots her prey...  (10/10/10)

...sets them at ease, by blending in...  (10/10/10)

...and seperates one out for the kill!  (10/10/10)

Elaine has been "baking cookies."  (10/10/10)

Oh no!  What's that in the distance?  (10/12/10)

Augh!  It's a dinosaur!  Run!  Run!  (10/12/10)

"Ra-awr... ra-awr... yum-yum-yum-yum!"  (10/12/10)

This tree is a train.  (10/14/10)

It travels back in time to the pirate party  (10/14/10)

Pumpkin party.  (10/17/10)

Elaine waited until the mouth was half cut... (10/17/10)

...before she changed her mind from "a happy face" to "a sad face!"  (10/17/10)

The rectangular eyebrows were a clever after thought.  (10/17/10)

Waiting for the train to bring a special visitor.  (10/29/10)

Jack-o-Lanterns on Fifth.  (10/30/10)

Elaine and her "little girl dragon" like the ones with kitty faces best.  (10/30/10)

Pumpkin fishing!  (10/30/10)

Elaine catches three...  (10/30/10)

...and trades them for three lollipops.  (10/30/10)

Alice entering Wonderland.  (10/31/10)

Pouring tea in the White Rabbit's pocket watch.  (10/31/10)

The Queen of Hearts, the White Queen, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar...
and our little Alice in the front.  (10/31/10)

At the end of the evening, Alice was crowned a queen and allowed to eat lollipops.  (10/31/10)

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