November, '10

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Gathering beautiful autumn leaves to make...  (11/6/10)

You guessed it!  A cake.  (11/6/10)

June is given the dubious honor of being offered the first slice.  (11/6/10)

A wet walk.  (11/7/10)

Trying to "catch the rain."  (11/7/10)

Elaine says this spells "doggie."  (11/7/10)

Time for dress-up!  (11/10/10)

Modelling her "pretty Dorothy dress."  (11/10/10)

Now it's Quinn's turn.  (11/10/10)

The dancing green fairy of Orycon.  (11/13/10)

Going ice skating for the first time.  (11/21/10)

She made it around the rink twice.  (11/21/10)

Only fell down once.  (11/21/10)

And says she wants to go skating again.  (11/21/10)

It snowed before Thanksgiving!  (11/23/10)

Topping off her snowman with a little green hair.  (11/23/10)

"Playing snowball!"  (11/23/10)

Learning how to make crescent rolls.  (11/25/10)

A perfect roll.  (11/25/10)

Elaine toasts the fact that intergalactic pandimensional beings have not stolen the jello.  (11/25/10)

Ten olives.  (11/25/10)

"Two big dogs named Tigger."  (11/25/10)

This year, we're thankful that Auntie M. moved back to Oregon.  (11/27/10)

Preschool:  home away from home.  (11/30/10)

Learning about Mario the turtle at circle time.  (11/30/10)

Painting leaves with glitter paint.  (11/30/10)

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