December, '10

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Elaine discovers that the Khristmas Tree Monster put up lights around our house.  (12/4/10)

Helping the Khristmas Tree Monster out by decorating the tree.  (12/4/10)

Reading to Quinn.  (12/6/10)

"Cupcakes" with Quinn.  (12/6/10)

Lions and tigers and pears... oh my!  (12/8/10)

Gingerbread houses are serious business...  (12/10/10)

...and serious fun!  (12/10/10)

This movie was rated Zzz.  (12/10/10)

The fairy princess and her aunt.  (12/17/10)

Oh joy!  A gingerbread man to decorate.  (12/18/10)

World of Warcraft is a good, wholesome, family activity.  (12/20/10)

Helping with the tape while Auntie M. wraps presents.  (12/24/10)

Preparing a chocolate pecan pie.  (12/24/10)

Placing the pecans.

Perfection.  (12/24/10)

This year, Elaine helped Santa by passing out the presents on Khristmas Eve.  (12/24/10)

And Santa helped Elaine out by filling her stocking while she was asleep.  (12/25/10)

Passing out more presents.  (12/25/10)

Elaine's big present was a chest of dress-up clothes.  (12/25/10)

The fairy princess "Alfalfa Falafel."  (12/25/10)

Her Royal Faeriness colors a reindeer.  (12/25/10)

San Jose's Christmas in the Park.  (12/27/10)

Santa in the park.  (12/27/10)

Elaine meets her cousin Nathan.  (12/28/10)

"I love Nathan.  He's my favorite baby that I love."  (12/28/10)

Helping Nathan open his presents.  (12/28/10)

Dancing with Princess Bacon.  (12/28/10)

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