January, '11

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Stopping to smell the flowers.  (1/4/11)

Stretching the fabric of space-time.  Or... well... a blanket.  But!  One that exists
in SPACE-TIME.  So... er... a SPACE-TIME-BLANKET.  (1/5/11)

Deadmines LAN party.  (1/6/11)

"Power word pain, SHIELD, and then you smite with MINDFLAY.
That's how you play Warcraft."  (1/9/11)

Making more cupcakes from her time-tested recipe, based around
the most stalwart of all ingredients, building blocks.  (1/10/11)

Elaine and "Kung Fu Panda," played here by Quinn, sail away to "a new party."  (1/11/11)

This year, the final word in presents is...  (1/13/11)

...coloring fish!  It also makes a stylish hat.  (1/13/11)

Elaine gets to spend the weekend at Grandma Janet's while her parents go to FurCon.  (1/14/11)

Baby Jesse comes to visit.  (1/15/11)

Quinn takes a break from being an important internet star
to play "bick" with his favorite three-year-old.  (1/20/11)

Now it's time for a costume drama.  Probably Jane Eyre.  (1/20/11)

Four dolls, five cats, and one little girl.  And all of them -- except Orange Cat
-- must be tucked in ten times, before they can fall asleep.  (1/20/11)

*From left to right:  Penny, Jesse, Elaine, Orange Cat, Tobias (not visible), Amy, Calico Cat, Kristina, Tasha, and Kirstin.

Elaine has graduated from the massively bulky carseat to a booster seat!  (1/21/11)

"I drew a picture for you!"  (1/22/11)

"All the people that I love."  (1/23/11)

Taking a train...  (1/23/11)

...to get pretend donuts...  (1/23/11)

...now it's time to tuck everyone in...  (1/23/11)

...and take a nap in the kitchen.  (1/23/11)

A Voodoo donut with heart sprinkles on top.  (1/23/11)

If the dog is small enough...  (1/24/11)

...then the little girl is big enough...  (1/24/11)

...to walk a dog all on her own!  (1/24/11)

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