Elaine in October

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"I've got it!  DNA is a double helix."  (10/1/07)

(10/5/07)  Spinning fishies!  (10/7/07)

Lounging in robe and bunny slippers.  (10/8/07)

My cousin Ana comes to visit.  (10/13/07)

Elaine likes the pages with the sheep and the mouse best.  (10/13/07)

Elaine loves the many toys hanging over her crib.  (10/14/07)

She gets really mad if anyone is foolish enough to rearrange them.  (10/14/07)

Telling her dad about her day.  (10/15/07)

The daddy-monster approaches... attempts to eat one of Elaine's treasured fish...
recognizes a kinship with Elaine... and then shares a moment of quiet contemplation,
concerning the nature of plush, spinning fish.  (10/15/07)

Elaine doesn't want to say goodnight to "a bowl full of mush."  (10/16/07)

At night, Elaine turns into a werecat.  (10/19/07)

Lolwut?  (10/19/07)

All tired from duck-wrangling.  (10/19/07)

"Do you have an appointment?"  (10/20/07)

Her favorite place to be.  (10/20/07)

Smiling little fishie.  (10/24/07)

Flying baby!  (10/26/07)

Elaine meets her Great-Aunt Nancy.  (10/27/07)

Elaine in her own personal Disneyland.  (10/29/07)

In this Disneyland, Elaine is eternally at the head of every line.  (10/30/07)

Trudy plays fetch; Elaine watches.  (10/30/07)

"Well, I saw the thing coming out of the sky, with one long horn and one big eye..."  (10/31/07)

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