February, '10

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The toddler with tribbles.  (2/1/10)

Several hours after putting her to bed, we find Elaine pretending to "take a nap with Toto."  (2/2/10)

Her 4:30 am revelry continues with a bus ride "to infinity and beyond."  (2/2/10)

Would you like that shaken, stirred, or blasted with a phaser?  (2/7/10)

Elaine playing Star Trek Offline.  (2/7/10)

"I want Woody to stand."  (2/9/10)

"I want Jessie to have her hat on."  (2/9/10)

Elaine is very gentle with our cyborg cat.  (2/12/10)

Emergency bunny-tea-party kit.  Complete with cardboard cookies.  (2/12/10)

Making valentines and eating conversation hearts.  (2/14/10)

"Ooo eee, ooo ah ah.  Ting tang.  Walla walla, bing bang."  (2/14/10)

"Glorious eyes that smile and burn."  (2/15/10)

Building Lego towers.  (2/18/10)

Helping feed Theresa.  (2/18/10)

Felines.  (2/19/10)

Flowers.  (2/19/10)

Felicity.  (2/19/10)

Grandma's Victorian doll house.  (2/24/10)

The bunnies move in.  (2/24/10)

The whole bunny family poses in front of their new home.  (2/24/10)

Sesame Street funball box:  where no one wants to live on the moon.*  (2/25/10)

*a.k.a. "bick"

Elaine goes to see "The Princess & the Frog," her first movie in a theater.  (2/27/10)

Dorothy, Toto, and the cowardly lion... are being chased by a woman,
name of Miss Finch, on their way back to Sesame Street.  (2/28/10)

Elaine wishes for a bowl of ice cream.  With a cherry.  And five candy hearts on top.  (2/28/10)

As you wish.  (2/28/10)

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