March, '10

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The daffodil is the daddy; the jonquil the mommy; and the camelia is the little girl.  (3/3/10)

"You want flowers!  And I want flowers!"  (3/3/10)

"My name is Elaine, and I'm a witch!"  (3/4/10)

Fleeing Miss Finch; seeking a town of her own; off to see the wizard; and trying to get back to Andy's room.  All at once.  Elaine's life is a confusion of movie* plots these days.  (3/7/10)

*The movies, respectively, are:  "Follow That Bird," "Kiki's Delivery Service," "The Wizard of Oz," and "Toy Story."

Basketball with Quinn.  (3/8/10)

Into the woods!  (3/8/10)

Backyard picnicking.  (3/10/10)

Purple Christmas trees.  (3/10/10)

Whiffleball with Quinn and Trudy.  (3/10/10)

Life-size tea-party in-a-box!  Complete with authentic Auntie M.  (3/14/10)

Lady of the Pond.  (3/14/10)

Reflected.  (3/14/10)

Splashing.  (3/14/10)

Mer-girl.  (3/14/10)

"I'm building a house for Jessie."  (3/15/10)

"Jessie's very happy!"  (3/15/10)

She wields her power with a lego fist.  (3/16/10)

Elaine interrupts Kelly's nap to inform her that she has feet.  And one nose.  (3/22/10)

A little girl who assures me that she is Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger
counts ducks and loads them on a bus.  (3/22/10)

Elaine didn't want to go to the beach.  (3/24/10)

So, we took her to Florence, instead.  (3/24/10)

To play in the sand.  (3/24/10)

Maybe next time, we'll go to the beach.  (3/24/10)

Pondering the icy, white rocks falling from the sky.  (3/31/10)

Garden tulip and weedy dandelion -- all flowers are created equal in a child's hands.  (3/31/10)

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