April, '10

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Goin' for a windy ride in Eastern Washington.  (4/3/10)

Decorating Easter bags with crayons and stickers.  (4/3/10)

Egg hunt!  (4/3/10)

Grace helps Elaine find some eggs.  (4/3/10)

Tri-Cities tricycle trio.  (4/3/10)

Easter parade.  (4/3/10)

The four bunnies of the apocalypse.  (4/4/10)

Very scientific.  (4/4/10)

Maggie watches Sam and Elaine.  (4/5/10)

Sam's room.  (4/5/10)

Orange Cat and Lainey Cat, ready to pounce.  (4/14/10)

Daydreaming.  (4/14/10)

In a field of buttercups.  (4/14/10)

One little monkey and her two perfectly civilized cousins.  (4/15/10)

Telling secrets.  (4/15/10)

Playing golf.  (4/15/10)

Building a mountain.  (4/15/10)

Reading Green Eggs and Ham backwards.  (4/17/10)

Taking Dale for a walk.  (4/17/10)

David buries Elaine's feet in the sand.  (4/17/10)

A treat worth taking a pacifier out.  (4/21/10)

Skinner's Butte Boot Camp.  (4/21/10)

Standing guard.  (4/21/10)

Going AWOL.  (4/21/10)

Quinn asks to borrow a pacifier.  (4/21/10)

Elaine declines.  (4/21/10)

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