May, '10

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"Fuzzy llama, funny llama."  (5/1/10)

Birdwatching at the Green Hill cattery.  (5/4/10)

"I'll eat you up, Kitty!  Yum, yum, yum!"  (5/4/10)

"Time to go asleep, Kitty."  (5/4/10)

"The child likes a kitten."  (5/4/10)

Elaine's first haircut.  (5/7/10)

Whipping up a batch of candy-heart pancakes.  (5/7/10)

"Teaching the little girl bunny to make some real pancakes."  (5/10/10)

Like a good little girl, she was terrified when Grandpa actually turned on the motorcycle.  (5/12/10)

"Colors!"  (5/13/10)

Discovering the Princess Frostine card.  (5/13/10)

At this age, Candy Land is an overwhelmingly intense experience of fun.  (5/13/10)

"You're keeping me in the sky!"  (5/13/10)

Reading and working.  (5/16/10)

Time to go to a birthday party!  (5/16/10)

Tasty rocks.  (5/16/10)

Tasty almond cake.  (5/16/10)

Helping the birthday girl open her presents.  (5/16/10)

Learning how to play a simplified version of Uno.  (5/21/10)

"Elaine's a pretend dog, and Daddy's a pretend dog!"  (5/22/10)

The pretend dog examines refrigerator poetry for clues as to the whereabouts of the cats.  (5/22/10)

"Uno!"  (5/23/10)

"I want to play dominoes.  It has colors.  Meow!"  (5/25/10)

Quinn and Elaine have a fantastic time...  (5/27/10)

...while Trudy and her parents are away at BayCon.  (5/29/10)

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