June, '10

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Lemonade for the thirsty dinosaur.  (6/2/10)

"Fighting with Kelly."  (6/2/10)

Revisiting old haunts.  (6/3/10)

Visiting old friends.  (6/5/10)

Third birthday parties are a good idea.  (6/5/10)

"Making a stew."  (6/10/10)

"I'm a pretend dog!  Woof!  Woof!  Woof!"  (6/10/10)

Practicing for her own birthday...  (6/10/10)

...by making pretend birthday cakes.  (6/10/10)

"Mush-cake!"  (6/10/10)

Green and red bananas.  (6/10/10)

I see purple chalk -- she sees "four little girls."  (6/10/10)

Helping water the tomatoes.  (6/15/10)

Trying to water tomatoes, but mostly watering the Sheltie.  (6/17/10)

"Let's do it again!"  (6/17/10)

Doing a "dance pattern."  (6/17/10)

Picking strawberries with Grandpa Dave.  (6/19/10)

Testing to make sure they're okay.  (6/19/10)

Returning triumphant.  (6/19/10)

A whole family of wild kittens was living under Grandma Janet's deck.  (6/21/10)

Ready for Preschool-Take 2.  (6/22/10)

Little kitties, tiny kitties.  Tiny noses, fuzzy ears.  Little kitties.  (6/25/10)

Watching Ghostbusters with Egon, Winston, Peter, and Ray.*  (6/27/10)

*Kittens are named from left to right.
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