July, '10

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Here we go 'round Grandpa Ralph's mulberry tree.  (7/1/10)

"Wootsplat!"  (7/1/10)

Dancing with Daddy.  (7/3/28)

Jumpin' and jivin'.  (7/3/10)

Elaine still doesn't like fireworks.  (7/4/10)

A really, really long drive.  (7/5/10)

Picking the first ripe tomato from our garden.  (7/6/10)

Tree nymph.  (7/7/10)

Still there?


Sorry for the delay.

We've been very busy here.

Bringing you:

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And now, more pictures...  (7/8/10)

How in the world to entertain this world-weary 8-week-old kitten...?  (7/9/10)

Perform The Itsy Bitsy Spider for him!  (7/9/10)

"Sit!  Good dogs!"  --  Elaine tags along on Quinn's training exercises.  (7/10/10)

Are you still here?  Go read Otters In Space.  (7/13/10)

Foraging for more ripe tomatoes.  (7/16/10)

If only we all had cats, almost as big as us, to guard us while we sleep...  (7/18/10)

Making strawberry-nectarine ice cream for her birthday party.  (7/24/10)

Maniacal happiness.  (7/24/10)

A green cake with candy hearts.  (7/24/10)


Singing a song with baby Jillian.  (7/24/10)

Turn-about's fair play.  This time Jillian helps the birthday girl open her presents.  (7/24/10)

Elaine has heard rumors about Mr. Stay Puft and a possible belly full of candy.  (7/24/10)

Ghost buster!  (7/24/10)

Reenacting the glory of the day, later that evening with a "pretend-strawberry-pear green cake."  (7/24/10)

Three years old.  Oh yeah.  (7/27/10)

Pointing out Alice in Wonderland.  (7/27/10)

Elaine in Mazeland.  (7/27/10)

Both her parents got her puzzle games this year.  (7/27/10)

We should put candles on her food every day.  (7/27/10)

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