August, '11

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Meeting up with our Eastern Washington relatives in the mountains east of Eugene.  (8/6/11)

Joel and Elaine poke puddles with sticks.  (8/6/11)

Elaine's on a boat.  (8/6/11)

One of many piggyback rides from Lydia and resting after
a good session of rock-hopping with Mackenzie.  (8/6/11)

Watching Sahalie Falls.  (8/6/11)

"That's us."  (8/6/11)

Abby and Elaine play a strange variant of tag that involves silly faces.  (8/6/11)

A rainbow over a tree that bears many, many kinds of fruit.  (8/10/11)

A long drive to Reno and WorldCon.  (8/16/11)

The ruby slippered queen of WorldCon.  (8/17/11)

Dancing to the music of Tricky Pixie.  (8/17/11)

More than twenty years ago, I played and loved a hypercard stack called The Manhole.  Today, Elaine can play it as an app on my mother's iPhone.  (8/20/11)

She's growing up in a magical world where tiny boxes with shining screens can carry her down the beanstalk to have tea with a white rabbit, explore a walrus' pirate ship, and sneak into a dragon's lair to steal his remote control.  (8/20/11)

Face painting on the last day of summer preschool.  (8/25/11)

Hopscotchin' Lainey-Cat.  (8/25/11)

"There are giants in the sky!  There are big tall terrible giants in the sky!"  -- Stephen Sondheim  (8/25/11)

After some upsetting discoveries about the limitations of magnets, Elaine constructed a track as long as the entire kitchen for her train.(8/28/11)

The plastic cats, pigs, bunny, and duck are "little childs" that must take the train back to their parents.  (8/28/11)

Despite riding the train all afternoon, the "little childs" never did make it back to their parents.  But they did enjoy falling off the train a lot.  (8/28/11)

Baby goats at the Oregon State Fair.  (8/31/11)

The Let's Pretend Circus.  (8/31/11)

There were tightrope walkers, wild animals, an animal trainer, a strongman... and clowns!  (8/31/11)

The most talented clown of all magically turned a black scarf into a rainbow.  (8/31/11)

Communing with a reptile of the deep.  (8/31/11)

According to Elaine, this ride was "perfect -- but really, really fast."  (8/31/11)

"I gotta take one last ride; living for the chance at one last ride..."  (8/31/11)

"Girl, there's no such thing as one last ride." -- Papa Doo Run Run (8/31/11)

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