May, '12

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"Well, I definitely can fly."  (5/6/12)

When I give Elaine a white dandelion to wish on,
she usually wishes she had a yellow dandelion instead. (5/8/12)

"Zippity-zap, I wish this dandelion would turn into a tree just like that!"  (5/8/12)

Some wishes are more easily granted than others.  (5/8/12)

A self portrait, including mermaid tail, fairy wings, a magic wand, and tiara.  (5/8/12)

Elaine walks her imaginary baby tiger, Tatsely, while he sleeps in the stroller.  (5/11/12)

Elaine's sister -- a fairy named Yonga -- bought Tatsely from a zoo for Elaine.  (5/11/12)

Elaine makes clownfish milkshakes, fish pie, and fish noodles for Tatsely.
But they both dream of watermelon cake.  (5/11/12)

Off to catch butterflies.  (5/13/12)

When she can't find any butterflies, Elaine asks her fairy-sister Yonga
to turn Quinn into a butterfly and tries to catch him.  (5/13/12)

Driving around with the big butterfly.  (5/14/12)

Pink cone.  Green ice cream.  (5/19/12)

As it turns out, Elaine doesn't like ice cream cones.  Trudy does.  (5/19/12)

Riding a tricycle.  (5/21/12)

Like Telly on Sesame Street, Elaine is a triangle lover.  (5/21&23/12)

At preschool, they're growing beans and butterflies.  (5/22/12)

A little girl made of chalk.  (5/25/12)

A birthday party made of chalk.  (5/25/12)

A rose for Elaine.  (5/25/12)

Watercolor magic.  (5/28/12)

Frosting paint and a pretzel paintbrush.  (5/28/12)

Yoga ball acrobatics.  (5/28/12)

The yoga ball won.  (5/28/12)

Elaine is a great artist.  (5/31/12)

She says so.  (5/31/12)

And she keeps practicing.  (5/31/12)

And her skills keep improving.  (5/31/12)

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