September, '11

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Sleeping Beauty.  (9/3/11)

Blueberry science:  Elaine had a hypothesis that blueberries would float.  (9/5/11)

She designed an experiment to test her hypothesis.*  And the blueberries sank!  (9/5/11)

*Cleverly, the experiment she designed involved us buying blueberries for her.
When she was done, she ate the blueberries.  Tasty science!  (9/5/11)

Elaine and Ariana slide down the slide...  (9/11/11)

...side by side.  Over and over again.  Of course.  (9/11/11)

Three fairies on their way to Fairieworlds Harvest.  (9/17/11)

We begin with an offering of blackberries.  (9/17/11)

Our human escort gathers them, saving our delicate wings from the treacherous brambles.  (9/17/11)

An invitation only, pirate and fairy tea party, deep in the woods.  (9/17/11)

Partaking of the gingersnaps and mint tea.  (9/17/11)

A pirate bribes the little green fairy not to steal all his treasure.  (9/17/11)

After vanguishing the dread Fairy Smasher with her balloon wand,
Elaine le Fay takes up his hammer happy ways and pays the price.  (9/17/11)

Studying the fey arts of juggling and hula hoopery to regain her magical edge,
whilst a quidditch match progresses in the background.  (9/17/11)

Three fairies on their way home.  (9/17/11)

A pirate's bounty.  (9/18/11)

A special mermaid dance.  (9/18/11)

Dancing with the mermaid.  (9/18/11)

Visiting Daddy's classroom.  (9/21/11)

The little girl's all ready for college now.  (9/21/11)

Rainfurrest:  a magical place where the animals are six feet tall, brightly colored,
and give you hugs instead of trying to eat you.  (9/22/11)

The Rainfurrest pony party, re-enacted in miniature, with extra dancing.  (9/24/11)

All the ponies danced in pairs, as directed by the fennec fox, who didn't dance at all.  (9/24/11)

Home from her first day back to preschool in the glorious fall.  (9/26/11)

Given her erratic understanding of the seasons, Elaine was quite surprised to be informed that it's finally fall.  I think she was expecting summer to jump straight to next spring.  Or maybe winter.  (9/26/11)

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