October, '11

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Cooperative tower building at preschool.  (10/7/11)

Singing like Ariel.  (10/7/11)

Playing with puppets with Grandma Janet.  (10/8/11)

Cats and dogs falling in love.  (10/8/11)

Cats and dogs jumping up and down a lot.  (10/8/11)

Reading and singing about "What Animals Really Like."  (10/12/11)

Elaine dangles over a dangerous precipice and cries, "Oh no!  I'm falling!," repeatedly.  (10/13/11)

Elaine invented a very strange game with her fish wand and ponies.  It sounded like this:  "This is how the fish takes the ponies to the pony pound.  He says that all the ladies and superheroes belong to him!"  (10/14/11)

The game involved dividing the ponies into two groups and putting them into two different cardboard boxes.  All the ponies sounded very sad about it; the fish sounded really evil and gleeful.  (10/14/11)

The ponies were eventually rescued, two-at-a-time, by a Giant Pinkie Pie.  After being rescued, the ponies danced and then went skating.  (10/14/11)

Playing ponies with her daddy.  (10/19/11)

The ponies are delighted to discover that they all share a love of fireworks and pirating.  (10/19/11)

The ponies all play pony games.   On their computers.  They all have their own computers.
You can see them, right?  I mean, I can.  Well... maybe?  (10/19/11)

The ponies are interrupted by a giant:  "Fi fum fo fie!  I am a giant Pinkie Pie!"  (10/19/11)

We took a trip to the Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm to pick out pumpkins.  (10/23/11)

"It's so soft and smooth!"  (10/23/11)

Putting our pumpkins in a wheelbarrow.  (10/23/11)

Getting carried away and trying to fit ALL the pumpkins in the wheelbarrow.  (10/23/11)

Time for a pony ride!  (10/23/11)

Elaine picked the pony she thought was "smallest."  (10/23/11)

Elaine rode Contender; Ariana rode Dazzle.  (10/23/11)

Time for the ancient fairy tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns.  (10/27/11)

Pumpkin fairies.  (10/27/11)

Her daddy made an angry pumpkin.  (10/27/11)

Two happy faces.  (10/27/11)

Bringing some goodies to Grandmothers' house.(10/31/11)

"My what big paws..."  (10/31/11)

This Little Red Riding Hood has not yet learned to be afraid of wolves.  (10/31/11)

The wolf attacks!  But Little Red Riding Hood is rescued by a nearby woodsman.  (10/31/11)

The woodsman tames the wolf, and they all go trick-or-treating together.  (10/31/11)

Little Red Riding Hood with her two grannies, the woodsman, the recently domesticated big, bad wolf, and Emi the knit-witch with her crochet-hook wand.  (10/31/11)

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