November, '11

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Elaine runs a fine bake shop at her preschool.  (11/2/11)

Her baked goods are made only from the finest cinnamon and maple scented playdoh.  (11/2/11)

Her customers are mostly cats with big eyes and brightly colored frogs.  (11/2/11)

S'more queen.  (11/4/11)

The loyal Sheltie, subject of her royal highness, wishes his queen would proclaim, "Let him eat s'mores!"  No such luck for Shelties today.  (11/4/11)

All her pretty ponies.  (11/10/11)

Auntie M. missed Halloween, so Elaine provides a reprise.  (11/12/11)

Playing ponies with Grandma Pearly.  (11/12/11)

The purple pogo chicken and her cousin.  (11/18/11)

"Bock, bock, bock!"  Bounce.  "Bock, bock, bock!"  Bounce.  (11/18/11)

Crawling around together.  (11/18/11)

Congratulating Oma Suzy after her wedding.  (11/19/11)

"Cake!"  (11/19/11)

Lemonade!  (11/19/11)

Already dreaming about coming back in December.  (11/19/11)

Toasting toast.  (11/24/11)

The traditional Thanksgiving olive hand.  (11/24/11)

Making pie crust.  (11/24/11)

Rolling, rolling, rolling.  (11/24/11)

Pouring out the filling.  (11/24/11)

Two kinds of pie.  (11/24/11)

"Full of pie!"  (11/24/11)

According to Elaine, today is the Khristmas tree's birthday.  (11/28/11)

And Elaine is the Khristmas tree's mother.  (11/28/11)

They make a lovely family.  (11/28/11)

Happy birthday, Khristmas tree.  (11/28/11)

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