December, '11

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Elaine to Santa:  "It's been a while since I've seen you!"  (12/1/11)

Then she tells him what she wants for Khristmas:  a Hello Kitty shirt.  (12/1/11)

Learning about gears in the physics room at OMSI.  (12/4/11)

Investigating the properties of hexagonal magnets.  (12/4/11)

Experimenting with a Van der Graaf generator.  (12/4/11)

It causes interesting phenomena like static hair and flying pie tins.  (12/4/11)

Real life "Angry Birds."   (12/4/11)

Decorating Grandma Janet's tree.  Well, at least, the bottom of it.
June is not impressed.  (12/4/11)

If a branch is special enough to earn an ornament, chances are it will earn several more as well.  (12/4/11)

"You're a funny looking pizza!" says Elaine to the pepperoni-and-chocolate-chip-cookie pizza.*  (12/14/11)

*It was not good.
I asked Elaine if she'd like to watercolor a Khristmas card...  (12/19/11)

...she preferred to craft invitations to her birthday party.  Eight months from now.  (12/19/11)

These are snakes.  That make a rainbow.  (12/19/11)

Hanging her stocking by the chimney with care.  (12/22/11)

The Nocturnal Princess crafts and wears necklaces, crowns, and goggles from glow sticks.  (12/24/11)

Making cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls after midnight.  (12/24/11)

"I didn't know Santa had oranges!" and "Ooooh!  A Hello Kitty shirt!"  (12/25/11)

Rockin' out with her new Hello Kitty gear.  (12/25/11)

Hello Kitty glamour girl.  (12/25/11)

Fresh-caught mermaids from the Eugene Holiday Market.
Elaine names them Ariel, Sally, and Ally.  (12/25/11)

"I dreamed I would get these ponies..."  (12/25/11)

Three mermaid sisters and six little ponies -- the ingredients for some epic pretend play.  (12/25/11)

The ponies hold a Pet Play Day under the tree followed by a Great Race all around the room that lasts for the rest of the day.  (12/25/11)

Elaine helps her cousin load up his new ark.  (12/28/11)

It sails away.  Without any giraffes, this time.  (12/28/11)

Elaine takes a break from playing Calvin Ball Dreidel at our annual Kwanzaa party.  (12/29/11)

Valerie rolls a "g" on the alphabet die and has to help Elaine by frosting the gingerbread house.  (12/29/11)

Elaine bribes the goat not to eat her dress.  (12/30/11)

Lowd cousins.  (12/30/11)

The trees are dripping with lights.  (12/30/11)

The cousins descend on Grandpa Ralph.  (12/31/11)

Cutting out sugar cookies with Oma Suzy.  (12/31/11)

Decorating the cookies with sticky, sticky frosting with Aunt Christy.  (12/31/11)

"Clink!"  (12/31/11)

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