January, '12

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The first step in taking down the Khristmas tree is, of course, to carefully balance all your ponies in its branches.  (1/5/12)

An evening alone with Auntie M. means rainbow nail polish and Candyland!  (1/6/12)

It's a lion!  And a crocodile...  And a parakeet...  (1/9/12)

"My Family" by Elaine.  From left to right:  Daddy, Elaine holding Nathan, Mommy, Aunt Molly, Grandma Janet.  (1/12/12)

Little Miss Hello Kitty in a Fashionable Hat heads off for a weekend with Grandma Janet while her parents go to the book launch of Otters In Space at Further Confusion.  (1/12/12)

Little Red and the Woodsman go to visit Rapunzel in her new tower.  (1/22/12)

Little Red colors a crown for herself so she can be a princess too.  (1/22/12)

Princess Rapunzel serves a dinner of angel hair that looks almost exactly like her own hair.  (1/22/12)

Princess Rapunzel scoops up some mice cream.  (1/22/12)

Little Red and Rapunzel construct Royal Tower Mice with jelly ears and gummy tails.  (1/22/12)

Melting mice cream.  (1/22/12)

Helping her Auntie M. pick out Madison the Betta fish.  (1/23/12)

Elaine explains that the great thing about coloring is that you don't have to color things the usual colors  -- "you can color them any color you want!"  (1/24/12)

Fan art of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack.  (1/27/12)

And then Elaine spent a week coloring.  (1/27/12)

And coloring.  (1/27/12)

And did I mention, coloring?  Sometimes her ponies helped out.  (1/27/12)

At preschool, they made a "Face Book."  (1/30/12)

Elaine checks her Face Book page.  (1/30/12)

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