February, '12

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With a paper plate and some construction paper, Elaine transforms into an alicorn like Princess Celestia -- reading a book like Twilight Sparkle.  (2/2/12)

This beloved paper costume has been repaired with packing tape many times.  (2/2/12)

Binocular Girl!  She makes such amazing things at preschool...  (2/6/12)

A self portrait in monochrome crayon.  (2/6/12)

Cootie bugs!  (2/9/12)

Each bug is lovingly assembled.  (2/9/12)

And then they all enjoy a dance.  (2/9/12)

The kaleidoscope "makes fancy patterns."  (2/11/12)

Folding origami flowers and paper cranes.  (2/11/12)

Celebrating the Chinese New Year... a little late.  (2/11/12)

With streamers!  (2/11/12)

All her supplies are spread out, and she's ready to make heart-slathered cards.  (2/13/12)

Happy Valentine's Day, Internet!  (2/13/12)

Rows upon rows of heart stickers introduce Elaine to the concept of multiplication.  (2/13/12)

The magic of arithmetic completely eclipses all the foam and sparkly heart stickers.  (2/13/12)

But only for a while.  Seriously, there are at least six hours worth of fun with stickers spread out on this table.  (2/13/12)

Kelly helps out.  (2/13/12)

At least three of these sticker amalgamations were meant to represent Twilight Sparkle.
One was Spike.  (2/13/12)

A valentine from her parents.  (2/14/12)

Rainbow weather.  (2/17/12)

Time to make "creations" from a lump of clay, pipe-cleaners, and googly eyes.  (2/21/12)

"Oh ho!  Hello!  I'm an eye-station, and I have millions of eyes!"  (2/21/12)

This is a "Candy Castle" with many, many doors.  (2/21/12)

"It needs more eyes," Elaine says of her latest creation -- a sculpture of herself.  (2/21/12)

Self-portrait in clay, wearing a red pipe-cleaner dress.  (2/21/12)

Singing a few la, la, las to Kelly.  (2/24/12)

Orange wedges, pink heart marshmallows, crackers of two varieties, and dyed apple juice...  (2/28/12)

...at the much anticipated preschool tea party.  (2/28/12)

Wings and crown:  Elaine is ready to take her rightful place as Fairy Queen.  (2/28/12)

A snowy leap day.  (2/29/12)

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