March, '12

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Elaine's ponies all live in a Victorian mansion together.  (3/9/12)

Drawing Khristmas.  (3/5/12)

Elaine's depiction of Khristmas features a beautifully decorated tree...  (3/15/12)

...and a lot of her preschool friends visiting us.  (3/15/12)

Despite the crown, Elaine is not a queen.  Or a princess.  Or an empress.  (3/15/12)

Neither is Kelly.  (3/15/12)

The fruits of a complicated recipe:  chocolate almond truffle bars.  (3/16/12)

Sugar and spice and everything nice.  (3/17/12)

Elaine is not so sure about the blindfold.  (3/17/12)

Pinning the tail on the donkey's hat.  (3/17/12)

The Eugene Science Factory.  (3/18/12)

Twisting an Archimedes' screw.  (3/18/12)

A giant tick feeds on Elaine.  (3/18/12)

March snow!  (3/21/12)

Eight inches deep!  (3/21/12)

Me:  "Tell me about snow, Elaine."
Her:  "It's white.  It's cold.  It's watery.  It makes me think of everything being white."
Auntie M.:  "What did you do in the snow?"
Her:  "I walked along and made footprints.  It felt great."

Trudy is skeptical.  (3/21/12)

The snow knocked the power out.  (3/22/12)

A small circle of warmth inside a cold, dark house.  (3/22/12)

Elaine wishes her imaginary pony friends would turn real.   (3/22/12)

Reading by candle light.  (3/22/12)

The ponies go for a train ride.  (3/25/12)

Rarity stops by their vacation home.  (3/25/12)

It is a brightly colored house with many doors.  (3/25/12)

Three block shoulder ride.  (3/26/12)

Learning to swing.  (3/28/12)

Desirous of helping me out with making cover art, Elaine made this lovely piece of fan art for "The Canoe Race," a story about which all she knows is the title.  (3/28/12)

Learning to read.  (3/30/12)

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