April, '12

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Wrapping presents for Daddy.  (4/6/12)

Baking cookies with Daddy.  (4/6/12)

Eggs within eggs.   Readying her Easter basket.  (4/7/12)

Easter morning magic.  (4/8/12)

Time to boil the eggs.  (4/8/12)

Ears for eyes.  If you think this is silly, you should have heard her singing about the spider's pants.  (4/8/12)

Dying eggs together.  (4/8/12)

Too beautiful to eat.  (4/8/12)

Happy bunnies!  Oh wait...  No bunnies here.  Move along, then.  (4/8/12)

Time for a cupcake celebration.  (4/11/12)

Focusing on the divinity that is pumpkin cupcake.  (4/11/12)

Whack-a-Zombie!  (4/12/12)

Performing crayon magic with the aid of a paintbrush, salt, and rubbing alcohol.  (4/20/12)

Making jewelry out of cereal.  (4/20/12)

Princess Elaine oversees the sudden, surprising transition from winter to summer.  (4/20/12)

Self-portrait in sand.  (4/21/12)

Elaine adds long hair, braids, and various ponytails to her self-portrait.  (4/21/12)

Dancing on the beach.*  (4/21/12)

*She was singing "Seven" by They Might Be Giants
Walking on the sun.  (4/21/12)

A totally unexpected hour at the beach.  At sunset.  Yeah.  (4/21/12)

Looking for prime real estate in which to dig sand-hopper homes.  (4/21/12)

"Would you like to buy an 'O'?"  (4/23/12)

Watercoloring spiders at preschool.

Drawing Sesame Street characters with crayon at home.  This one is Oscar the Grouch.  (4/22/12)

Elaine wins a tic-tac-toe game against herself.  (4/30/12)

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