Elaine in November

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Elaine applies some serious thought to removing the rattle from around the duck's head.  (11/1/07)

Heidi and Elaine share some cookies and milk on a blanket.  (11/2/07)

Elaine holding a fox doll.  (11/6/07)

"There's a floor down here!"  (11/7/07)

Elaine doesn't know it's a sad day.  (11/7/07)

Elaine discovers one of the strange, native peoples of this new and exciting land, the Floor. (11/8/07)

Yum.  Hands.                      (11/10/07)                  Woah.  A rattle.

Elaine contemplates and then decides to eat her stuffed dog Charlie.  (11/11/07)

The spaceship comes for Elaine.  (11/12/07)

Elaine eats an invisible s'more.  Oh, and meets her Uncle Jonathan.  (11/13/07)

Uncle Jonathan teaches Elaine to say "cephalopod."  (11/14/07)

Elaine celebrates her grandma's birthday from afar.  (11/15/07)

Elaine tries to move a present using her feet while wearing a muffin on her head.  (11/15/07)

Elaine enjoys her first Thanksgiving of the year, and her life.  (11/16/07)

All tired out from the feasting.  (11/16/07)

Hanging out with her Great Grandma.  (11/22/07)

Grandmothers and octopuses everywhere.  (11/22/07)

Elaine has a giant Thanksgiving dinner all to herself.  (11/22/07)

Elaine meets a one day old Sheltie puppy.  (11/22/07)

Elaine sleeps while the adults plan an excursion to Grandpa Dave's tree farm.  (11/22/07)

Elaine measures some of her Grandpa's trees.  (11/23/07)

Wearing and contemplating some holiday decorations.  (11/25/07)

Elaine helps her aunt and grandma decorate their tree.  (11/25/07)

Elaine discovers the concept of cats.  (11/25/07)

Elaine enjoys the concept of cats.  (11/25/07)

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