May, '13

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Elaine performs her skit "A Lot of Birthdays" with Ama, Tamathy, and Nancy.  (5/3/13)

I think this piece of art speaks for itself.  (5/4/13)

Cuddling Kelly.  (5/4/13)

Elaine put on her helmet, knee-, and elbow-pads.  (5/9/13)

And, spontaneouly, the playdate turned into jumping lessons.  (5/9/13)

Seussical the Musical at Actors Cabaret.  (5/11/13)

Phantom of the opera?  Or the Queen of Hearts?  Hard to say.  (5/12/13)

Kelly's awesome.  Have more Kelly pictures.  (5/15/13)

The best part of dance class?  Being chased by Ella's dad afterward.  (5/15/13)

Making blueberry bumplings from a Dr. Seuss cookbook we checked out from the library.  (5/16/13)

A glorious platter of blueberry bumplings.  (5/16/13)

Elaine's kindergarten class gathered together to celebrate the wedding of the letters Q and U.  They opened the ceremonies by singing the alphabet song.  Each child played the part of a letter and held that letter up at the appropriate part of the song.  (5/17/13)

Miss Kasey officiated and spoke eloquently on how Miss Q promised to always be Mr. U's partner in words like quick, quiet, and question while Mr. U promised to always follow her in words like quill and quarter.  Q and U were played by Miss Kasey's pet bunnies.  Elaine played the part of their very good friend, the letter I.  (5/17/13)

Afterward, refreshments -- juice, carrot sticks, and cookies -- were available to be enjoyed at the reception in the courtyard.  (5/17/13)

Lots of help for the birthday girl.  (5/18/13)

A cheerful game of chase-the-birthday-girl.  (5/18/13)

My sister and I named all the trees in our yard while growing up.  The silver maples that held the hammock were MacArthur and MacKinley; the pussy willow was Helena; the moss-ridden crab apple out front was Agatha; the purple plum tree was Cordelia; the sequoias were George and James; and there was a whole passel of little Douglas firs that had been live Christmsa trees in our rooms until they were planted in a grove together in the front yard -- I don't remember all their names, but one was Kenneth.  (5/18/13)

This tree is Cordelia.  Goodbye Cordelia.  Goodbye Agatha.  Goodbye MacArthur and MacKinley.  And goodbye Helena. (5/18/13)

A walk down to Dixon Creek.  (5/18/13)

Reading her fortune at China Delight:  her talents will prove to be especially useful in the near future.  (5/18/13)

A "beautiful princess" of most infinte jest, of most excellent fancy.  (5/20/13)

Elaine was invited to an afternoon of glitter crafts at Sarina's house.  She was so excited, she made herself a countdown calendar, decorated it, and taped it to the wall above her pink piano.  (5/20/13)

When I went to wake Elaine up for school, I found...  (5/21/13)

Sarina teaches Elaine and Ella how to make masks out of felt, glitter glue, and gems.  (5/23/13)

Masquerade!  (5/23/13)

"Don't you wish you were a big girl, so you could eat apples instead of applesauce?"  (5/25/13)

Getting ready to be a big sister.  (5/26/13)

Doing the bean bag toss at the school carnival.  (5/31/13)

Spinning the candy wheel of fortune.  (5/31/13)

An epic squirt gun battle, all for the cost of one ticket!  (5/31/13)

Elaine asks for a heart painted on her forehead, a pink rose on one cheek, and a green butterfly on the other -- perfect compliments to her frizzed, blue hair in celebration of school spirit week.  (5/31/13)

All in all, Elaine enjoyed her school carnival, and we had fun watching her.  (5/31/13)

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