October, '12

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The school jog-a-thon.  (10/5/12)

Crimping the edges of a chicken pot pie with Sarina.  (10/6/12)

On the playground after school, Elaine tackles the climbing wall.  (10/8/12)

It crumbles in the face of her mighty climbing skills.  Well... not really.  But she climbs to the top, no problem.  (10/8/12)

Climbing on a giant dome.  (10/16/12)

According to Elaine, the dome turns people into lizards when they're inside it.  (10/16/12)

Along came a spider...  (10/10/12)

Elaine pretends her dolls are all little sisters.  (10/15/12)

It makes Elaine exceptionally happy to take care of her "little sisters."  (10/15/12)

Considering a tiny pumpkin before deciding that it's too small.  (10/19/12)

Cradling her pumpkin-baby.  (10/19/12)

Elaine saw me drawing a tesseract.  So, I taught her about dimensions, hypercubes, and folding up pieces of paper to make a cube.  (10/19/12)

At first, the idea of a hypercube worried her, but then she decided it was really neat and wanted to make her own cube out of a folded up plane.  (10/19/12)

Then Great-Grandma Pearly taught her how to cut out paper people.  Scissors are such fun.  (10/19/12)

For show-and-tell, Elaine brought in Kelly.  (10/26/12)

Beforehand, the class worked on drawing cats.  Elaine's drawing was, of course, a rendition of Kelly.  (10/26/12)

Teacher Naja helps Elaine do a flip on the rings.  (10/29/12)

Solo work on the uneven bars.  (10/29/12)

Elaine and I carve a pumpkin together.  (10/29/12)

Elaine carefully specified all of the shapes:  crescent moon eyes, a nose that's flat on top and "fluffy" underneath, and a mouth that's a "rectangle with squares in it."  (10/29/12)

Then the industrious child decided to carve a pumpkin all by herself.  (10/29/12)

Without any help at all.  (10/29/12)

She chose to carve a bat on it, just like the pumpkin her dad carved.  (10/29/12)

At the kindergarten Halloween party, the kids sang songs and played a rousing game of "pumpkin, pumpkin, boo!" in  their alphabet circle.  (10/31/12)

Decorating cookies next to Darth Vader and across from a praying mantis.  (10/31/12)

Crafting a pumpkin with googly eyes.  (10/31/12)

On Sesame Street, Abby Cadabby has a propensity for turning things into pumpkins.  Our Abby Cadabby, however, turned this pumpkin into the number of the day.  (10/31/12)

Halloween was brought to you today by the letter "E" and the number "1."  Also, two -- count them, two! -- batty bats.  One, two.  Ah, ah, ah.  (10/31/12)

Abby Cadabby meets a black cat while trick-or-treating with her teacher Mrs. Sparklenose.  (10/31/12)

Meet the Muppets!  From left to right:  Mrs. Sparklenose, Piggy with Kermit, Beaker with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's head, the Swedish Chef with a chicken, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, and Count von Count.  (10/31/12)

Elaine and Auntie M. top off the evening by trading costumes.  Then the new Miss Piggy karate kicks her way around, while shouting "Hi-yaa!"  (10/31/12)

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