November, '12

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Proudly pointing out her artwork, hanging on the wall at school.  (11/9/12)

Plinketty, plinketty, plinketty, plook.  Together we're reading a very fine book.  (11/9/12)

Thinking about the future.  (11/9/12)

"The Cat Who Chased The Dog," a Reading Bookshop Primer from Daniel's childhood.  (11/9/12)

It took Elaine seventy minutes to read this book.  (11/9/12)

But she did it almost entirely by herself.  (11/9/12)

Elaine considered buying Otters In Space after hearing the author read at Tsunami Books, but the author promised to give her a copy when she's older instead.  (11/13/12)

Reading books after school at the local yogurt place.  (11/20/12)

Rolls!  (11/22/12)

Olives!  (11/22/12)

Pumpkin pie!  (11/22/12)

Lincoln Logs with Molly and Reid.  (11/22/12)

Ice skating with help.  (11/24/12)

Ice skating all on her own.  (11/24/12)

The yearly assembly.  (11/25/12)

Elaine organized the branches and handed them to me as I needed them.  (11/25/12)

Then she helped fluff the branches.  And, finally, enjoyed the colorful brilliance of the lit tree.  (11/25/12)

After three months of saving her allowance, Elaine can finally afford the pink and chrome doll salon chair that she's had her heart set on.  (11/26/12)

Decorating the tree.  (11/26/12)

A little tree in her own room.  Elaine said the next morning that it made her feel safe.  (11/26/12)

Elaine the Barber brushes and cuts her doll's hair.  (11/27/12)

Elaine tells Santa how happy she is with all the things she already has.  (11/29/12)

Amidst the craziness of the UO holiday party, Elaine finds a quiet corner to read.  (11/29/12)

Over the river and through the woods.  (11/30/12)

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