December, '12

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Superhero dance troupe.  (12/11/12)

"Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?"  (12/11/12)

"Who could it be?"  (12/11/12)

"Check it out:  it's me!"  (12/11/12)

"Don we now our gay apparel."  (12/13/12)

Checking out the gingerbread competition at 5th St. for inspiration.  (12/15/12)

Elaine painstakingly arranges the candy on her graham cracker house.  (12/15/12)

After all the houses are done, Elaine's wins the title of Most Marshmallowy.  (12/15/12)

The little superhero meets a lot of other superheroes.  (12/15/12)

Catwoman, Batman, and Lainy Cat.  (12/15/12)

Elaine's favorite song at the caroling party was "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."  (12/23/12)

Elaine and Wendy hang out on the kitchen floor.  (12/24/12)

Anticipating the morrow.  (12/24/12)

Cookies and milk for Santa.  And a handful of reindeer food to sprinkle outside.  (12/24/12)

"Wow!  Well, the glass of milk is empty!  The cookies are all gone!  That means Santa ate and drank the milk and cookies!"  Then, she sang a spontaneous song about the pictures cross-stitched on our stockings and declared that she had always wondered what colorful candy canes -- like the ones poking out of her stocking -- tasted like.  (12/25/12)

Elaine was excited to try the astronaut ice cream from her stocking, but she didn't really like it.  Apparently Santa should stick to cherry flavored candy canes.  (12/25/12)

Elaine was very patient with all her adults as they let the day wane into late afternoon before any presents were opened.  (12/25/12)

Reading one of her new books.  (12/25/12)

The rest of the day was devoted to playing with her new Lego sets.  (12/25/12)

Helping Nathan with his present.  (12/27/12)

Weaving a doll blanket on her new loom.  (12/27/12)

Dancing with Uncle Andrew.  (12/27/12)

A giant Lego Kermit hangs out next to the Cliffs of Insanity.  (12/29/12)

Building a tower of persimmon, kiwi, mango, and berries in the middle of the fruit pizza. (12/29/12)

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