January, '13

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Meeting a ferret at the Palo Alto Junior Museum.  (1/2/13)

Watching a goose.  (1/2/13)

Auntie M.'s Christmas present to Elaine was a homemade gak kit.  (1/7/13)

The process involved a lot of careful measuring and pouring.  (1/7/13)

Elaine wanted to make her gak hot pink, but the best she could manage with the food coloring was approximately the color of the pink slime from Ghostbusters II. (1/7/13)

Elaine cowers from her own creation.  (1/7/13)

Gak attack.  (1/7/13)

Elaine the gak-handed.  (1/7/13)

A clay model of herself, wearing the superhero costume from her dance recital.  (1/13/13)

The cupcake of knowledge.  (1/16/13)

Elaine experiments with different shapes for castles.  This one is a triangle.  (1/16/13)

This castle is shaped like a very, very long wall.  (1/16/13)

Anticipation.  (1/23/13)

Reading the "Little Engine That Could" to herself at bedtime.  (1/26/13)

Gymnastics time.  (1/28/13)

All prepared for spelunking upstairs.  (1/28/13)

A very serious little ballerina.  (1/30/13)

Learning to draw "super fruit" from Amazing! Super Hero Food Doodles.  (1/30/13)

Drawing the "Tomatonator."  (1/30/13)

Scottish floor dancing.  (1/31/13)

Playing the pipe organ.  (1/31/13)

Winding down from a whole lot of running around.  (1/31/13)

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