February, '13

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Gone fishing.  (2/4/13)

Caught a turtle.  (2/4/13)

All clean!  Ta-daa!  (2/6/13)

At kindergarten, they're illustrating the alphabet.  J is for jump.  (2/7/13)

The Lainey Cat and the Kelly cat hang out.(2/7/13)

Reading My Little Pony:  Spike and the Magic Shoes.  (2/7/13)

It has big words like downstairs, cheerfullypracticing, nearby, careening, cantered, and drawbridge -- all on the first three pages, which is how far Elaine got before she was too tired to read on.  (2/7/13)

Preparing for a tea party.  (2/9/13)

Thinking up more designs for her jewelry making enterprise.  (2/9/13)

Talking to Keegan.  (2/10/13)

Elaine's tea party featured fascinating foods, such as Cookie Monster.  (2/11/13)

Daniel asks what kind of food the long string of green beads on his plate is -- Elaine explains that it's ice cream.  A spoon food.  (2/11/13)

After the tea, Elaine turned out the lights and insisted we tell scary stories.  Then, she shushed us all so we could pretend to have a sleep-over.  That lasted until the adults got hungry for dinner.  (2/11/13)

Getting started on this year's Valentines.  (2/11/13)

Elaine got a valentine with her breakfast.  (2/14/13)

Like her valentine, Elaine has teeth!  And angry eyebrows!  (2/14/13)

Elaine and Sarina meet a porcupine at the Oregon Asian Celebration.  (2/16/13)

At long last, Elaine tries cotton candy, fresh and fluffy as a cloud.  She didn't like it.  (2/16/13)

Two small creatures of boundless energy.  (2/18/13)

The tent party.  (2/18/13)

Walking down to the rocks.  (2/23/13)

A family pilgrimage to the beach.  (2/23/13)

Triple s'more!  (2/23/13)

Elaine battles with the smooze.  (2/24/13)

Happy, incoherent squeals about pirates and treasure as she charges along the beach.  (2/24/13)

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