March, '13

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Xtra!  Xtra!  Read all about it!  Giant cat squishes child!  (3/5/13)

Keegan is one of Elaine's two favorite cats.  (3/5/13)

She'll ask to go to Grandma Janet's in the afternoon, just to spend time with Keegan.  (3/5/13)

For hours, she can talk to him, carry him around, and generally dote on him.  He doesn't seem to mind.  At least, not too much.  (3/5/13)

Elaine can read.  And Dr. Seuss is her favorite author.  (3/7/13)

Elaine likes to pick flowers on the way home from school.  (3/8/13)

"Do you know why I need to pick flowers? The more flowers I pick, the more days I remember with flowers."  (3/8/13)

A tie-dying kit.  (3/11/13)

Wearing her new tie-dyed scarves.  (3/13/13)

Planting pansies, poppies, and foxgloves in our front yard.  (3/14/13)

With great panache, Elaine casts flower seeds at the wilderness.  (3/14/13)

Mixing up a batch of green pancakes to celebrate "Say Patrick's Day."  (3/17/13)

The dance showcase.  (3/20/13)

Elaine demonstrated great poise, elegance, and concentration.  She takes her dancing seriously.  (3/20/13)

True love between a child and a cat:  this cat has waited faithfully for years; and, finally, her child is large enough to provide a real lap.  (3/20/13)

Elaine lost her first tooth!  (3/27/13)

While pondering the riches to come, Elaine spots a potential gold mine.  (3/27/13)

Elaine tries to steal one of my teeth.  (3/27/13)

The smug grin of a child who knows with unshakeable certainty that her tooth has been magically transformed into a coin.  (3/28/13)

Step one:  decorate the eggs with a white crayon.  (3/28/13)

Step two:  dye them, possibly with two different colors.  (3/28/13)

Step three:  enjoy a beautiful and delicious snack!  (3/28/13)

Unable to wait for Saturday's egg hunt, Lydia and Elaine design their own with paper crafts.  (3/29/13)

Ready for a Saturday full of Easter festivities.  (3/30/13)

And they're off!  (3/30/13)

After finding all of her eggs, Mackenzie helps Elaine find the last of hers. (3/30/13)

The kids break into their eggs after the frenzy of searching is over.  (3/30/13)

What better way to follow up bunches of candy than with a slice of cake?  (3/30/13)

"Candy egg bunny basket day."  (3/31/13)

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