Elaine in December

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Elaine examines one of her presents by tasting it.  (12/1/07)

Elaine plays with one of Heidi's ornaments.  (12/1/07)

Elaine tastes a snowball.  (12/1/07)

Elaine's first snowman!  (12/1/07)

The baby mafia -- Bounce Power Elaine and Naima the Foot Grabber.  (12/4/07)

Amusing ourselves while the daddy-monster's away.  (12/4/07)

She feels heavier after she falls asleep.  (12/5/07)

Elaine found her feet this week.  (12/7/07)

It isn't easy being green.  (12/9/07)

Little fishie in the big blue sea.  (12/16/07)

Little fishie "keeps on dancing even with a shark advancing."  (12/16/07)

Grandmothers are great.  (12/21/07)

Elaine meets my cousin Kyle.  (12/24/07)

Elaine opens some presents.  (12/24/07)

Elaine eats some wrapping paper.  (12/24/07)

So festive.  (12/24/07)

Elaine meets my aunt Valerie and cousin Jennifer.  (12/24/07)

Elaine looking like an X-mas doll.  (12/24/07)

X-mas burrito baby.  (12/24/07)

Elaine's first X-mas morning.  (12/25/07)

She still likes the Tigger, even though he's unwrapped now.  (12/25/07)

Elaine's Uncle Andrew helps her play with her new blocks.  (12/27/07)

Elaine attacks her Uncle Jonathan and meets her Aunt Christy.  (12/27/07)

White elephant gift exchange.  (12/27/07)

Elaine meets her fairy godmother, Valerie.  (12/28/07)

"I have blocks!"  (12/28/07)

"I'll call this one Emily..."  (12/28/07)

"My blocks have gone to war..."  (12/28/07)

"Can Trudy bring peace to my wartorn land of blocks?"  (12/28/07)

She still loves being RickRolled.  (12/29/07)

And she's got some big shoes to fill.  (12/31/07)

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