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A tea party without tea.  (1/2/08)

"As there is no tea, perhaps I can eat the flower on your ear."  (1/2/08)

Visions in pink.  (1/4/08)

Elaine does her impression of origami.  (1/6/08)

Trudy and Elaine play peekaboo.  (1/10/08)

Trudy loses interest first.  (1/10/08)

"This one puts the spaceship in overdrive."  (1/11/08)

Elaine prefers reading Blue Moo...  (1/12/08)

...to reading her dad's guitar book.  (1/12/08)

Cats are fun.  Elaine knows it.  (1/12/08)

Several cats on a desk.  (1/16/08)

Theresa took an interest in Elaine this week.  (1/17/08)

A conference of the floor people.  (1/18/08)

Every baby should have a dog.  (1/18/08)

At mealtimes, Elaine turns into a werecat.  (1/24/08)

Sandy's ready to join the Pink Ladies.  (1/26/08)

Elaine discovered crayons today.  (1/28/08)

They were very, very fun.  (1/28/08)

It was a pretty good day.  (1/28/08)

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