WordosThe Wordos is a science fiction and fantasy focused critique group.  I joined the Wordos in late 2010 and co-chaired the group from early 2011 until early 2016..
RainfurrestThis is a furry convention up near Seattle with a significant focus on fiction writing.  I've attended Rainfurrest since 2010, and I've participated in presenting panels in their writing track since 2011.
Further ConfusionThis is a furry convention down in the California Bay Area, one of the largest in the world.  I've participated in presenting panels in their writing track since 2011 (excepting a break in 2014).
FurlandiaA fairly new, small furry convention in Portland, OR.  I participated in the writing track in 2014 and 2015.
Ralan.comAn excellent list of markets to send short stories to.
Adventures in Learning
This is a program for gifted young'uns.  I was an actual student in the program at the age of 9, in 1991.  It was a mixed experience.  However, the AIL program has become a much bigger and more positive part of my life from the other side, as one of the adults in charge.  I devoted two weeks of every summer to AIL from 2001 to 2006 and continued to help out as much as possible through 2008.
826 Seattle
This is part of a chain of creative writing / homework help centers for elementary through high school kids.  I discovered it because I lived near their excellent storefront, and I spent a year and a half in '06-'08 being one of their drop-in tutors.
Multifaith Works
This is a non-profit organization up in Seattle.  I volunteered with the AIDS Care Teams portion of the program for a year and a half from 2005 to 2006; I found it very rewarding.
Daniel Lowd
This is my husband.  He writes better poetry than I do, and he gets class credit for it.  Here is one of his poems, a second, and a third.
Dinosaur ComicsThis is my favorite webcomic.  You should read the one about solitaire.
(Update:  I told Ryan North how much I love the "as she is played" strips of Dinosaur Comics, and then he wrote this one!)  ((Also, this one is about the science behind spaceships like the one in Otters In Space!))
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