June, '13

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Elaine and Ella.  (6/5/13)

Tiny dancers.  (6/5/13)

At Thistledown Farms.  (6/5/13)

Ready for the last day of kindergarten.  (6/6/13)

Time like a bubble.  (6/6/13)

All the kindergarteners received awards.  Elaine was ecstatic to receive her award for Integrity.  (6/6/13)

Kindergarten graduate.  (6/6/13)

The strawberry of summer vacation.  (6/7/13)

Off to spend a few days at Grandma Janet's.  (6/9/13)

Meanwhile, on the other side of town...  (6/10/13)

Elaine and Wesley meet each other.  (6/10/13)

We all enjoy the new baby.  (6/11/13)

Wesley is a mellow, sleepy boy.  (6/13/13)

Our sleepy boy is ready to go home.  (6/13/13)

Elaine loves holding her little brother.  (6/15/13)

Lainey-Cat and Wesley-Bear.  (6/16/13)

Reading together.  (6/20/13)

More reading together.  (6/23/13)

Helping his dad work.  (6/26/13)

Taking her brother for his first walk.  (6/27/13)

Glorious morning glory.  (6/29/13)

Ninety degree weather.  (6/30/13)

Too little to eat cake.  (6/30/13)

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