July, '13

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Wesley is the bright center of Elaine's universe -- until Hannah visits.  (7/4/13)

A tired little girl and wide awake baby boy after the fireworks.  (7/4/13)

Oma Suzy took Elaine to the library where they checked out What Shall I Cook?  (7/5/13)

The resulting "chocolate octopuses" look an awful lot like cookie cthulus.  (7/5/13)

Oma Suzy with two of her grandchildren.  (7/5/13)

Sleepy children.  (7/5/13)

Elaine tells Wesley jokes and introduces him to his toys.  (7/6/13)

Playing with her dad's saxo-flute kit.  (7/8/13)

A long, long saxo-flute.  (7/8/13)

A two person saxo-flute.  "Play with me!"  (7/8/13)

Heaven, I'm in heaven, when we're out together dancing nose to nose.  (7/13/13)

"Me, my doll, and my cookbook."  (7/11/13)

Making jam tarts.  (7/14/13)

Wesley doesn't know why.  Why is he awake?  Why is his Auntie M. holding him?  Why?  (7/14/13)

Painting cookies.  (7/15/13)

Glorious, colorful sugar and butter.  (7/15/13)

Thinking about shapes and patterns of light.  (7/18/13)

Skeleton vampire wolf super hero super girl.  (7/19/13)

Even skeleton super heroes enjoy strawberry shortcake.  (7/19/13)

Stroller dreams.  (7/22/13)

Tiger dreams.  (7/24/13)

Counting sheep.  (7/24/13)

Riding the Scrambler.  (7/24/13)

Wesley can move the large rectangular object by swinging his arm at it.  Fascinating.  (7/25/13)

Decorating her own birthday cake.  (7/26/13)

Our little fairy flies to the Enchanted Forest for her birthday.  (7/27/13)

Her friends voyage deep into the forest to join her in the celebration.  (7/27/13)

Elaine is six years old.  (7/27/13)

How old?  Six years old!  (7/27/13)

It was a full afternoon of picnicking, presents, cake, and running around with her friends, all topped off with a green snow cone.  Later, she said it was her best birthday ever -- also, her best day ever.  (7/27/13)

She fell asleep in the car on the way home.  (7/27/13)

Soothed by a fairy.  (7/28/13)

Happy boy.  (7/28/13)

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