August, '13

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Tenth anniversary.  Family of four.  (8/2/13)

Wesley likes camping.  Even though he's too little for all the fun stuff...  (8/4/13)

Roasting hot dogs.  (8/4/13)

Uno in the dark.  (8/4/13)

Running back and forth on logs.  (8/5/13)

Vidae Falls.  (8/5/13)

Crater Lake.  (8/5/13)

Wesley loves going to the park.  And being outside in wide open spaces.  (8/8/13)

Elaine defends Wesley from rampant tribbles as we wait for a live performance of The Trouble With Tribbles in Cathedral Park, Portland.  (8/10/13)

Auntie M. has been teaching Elaine how to swim.  (8/17/13)

She was even brave enough to go down the water slide.  (8/17/13)

Hiding out from the glaring sun, noise, and bustle.  (8/17/13)

Enjoying the glaring sun, noise, and bustle.  (8/17/13)

Secret grapes.  (8/17/13)

A lone velociraptor with a battle axe challenges two fairies and Captain Baby to a duel.  (8/18/13)

After we slaughtered the raptor, we feasted on his dark chocolate belly and stuck his head on a pike as a warning to any other papier mache villains who might be tempted to darken our door.  (8/18/13)

Captain Baby.  (8/18/13)

Future engineer?  (8/21/13)

Summer camp activities provided by Auntie M.  (8/23/13)

Handsome boy.  (8/24/13)

A sci-fi Mars alien mask.  (8/26/13)

Sometimes solemn.  (8/27/13)

Often smiley.  (8/27/13)

Helping her brother gnaw on a chew toy.  (8/28/13)

When Elaine holds him, Wesley stops crying.  (8/29/13)

Elaine teaches Wesley how to spell his name while I make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for her.  (8/29/13)

Elaine leaves to eat her sandwich, and Wesley has to wait while I make my own.  (8/29/13)

Elaine shares her favorite strips of Garfield with Grandma Pearly, and Grandma Pearly helps Wesley try on his otter costume for Rainfurrest.  (8/29/13)

While Elaine reads Garfield comics, Wesley does some reading of his own.  (8/29/13)

Elaine and Wesley help celebrate Grandma Pearly's 88th birthday...  (8/29/13)

Wesley lies on the floor, being cute, and Elaine throws wrapping paper at him.  (8/29/13)

A day at the beach with Molly.  (8/30/13)

As summer wanes...  (8/30/13)

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