September, '13

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Considering the bounty of berries.  (9/1/13)

"I like being six better than I liked being five."  (9/4/13)

"Wow, I get to see pretty much the whole world!"  (9/4/13)

Nestled on the couch.  (9/6/13)

Watching the flickering light of my computer screen.  (9/6/13)

Thinking deep thoughts... wondering, "What does the fox say?"  (9/6/13)

Eating her own pants.  (9/7/13)

An elegant picnic of cheese, crackers, grapes, dry salami, and fresh baby.  (9/7/13)

Meeting up with friends for Star Trek in the park.  (9/7/13)

Elaine and Hannah wait for Trek Theatre's performance of Tin Man to begin.  (9/7/13)

Captain Baby runs off with an Orion slave dancer.  (9/7/13)

Rushing off to her first day of first grade.  (9/10/13)

Three months old.  Oh yeah.  (9/12/13)

The funniest letter of the alphabet is 'S'.  (9/12/13)

Pretending to be a cat.  (9/13/13)

The pirate ballerina.  (9/19/13)

"Every pirate ballerina should wear a necklace."  (9/19/13)

Bested by her opponent -- a steampunk pirate -- with swords, the pirate ballerina upgrades her weaponry.  (9/19/13)

Cynthia explains to Tabby-Lea that an intruder baby has taken her place.  (9/19/13)

The Dread Pirate Wesley and his scurvy cat.  (9/19/13)

Voyaging off into the blankets of the night.  (9/19/13)

If I don't move, maybe they won't notice I'm here.  (9/21/13)

Elaine fixes tea for all of her grandmothers' ponies.  (9/23/13)

A personal concert from the composer of his favorite song, "Otterly Adore You."  (9/23/13)

Daddy sings himself and the baby to sleep.  (9/23/13)

Me and my otter pups at Rainfurrest.  (9/26/13)

Hanging out with the fursuits.  (9/27/13)

Otters!  (9/27/13)

Our dancing unicorn.  (9/28/13)

Her favorite dance move was running from one side to the other of the dance floor at full speed.  (9/28/13)

Elaine with the two littlest fursuiters at Rainfurrest.  (9/29/13)

Hanging around outside the dead dog dance.  (9/29/13)

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