October, '13

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Wesley meets his cousin Timothy.  (10/6/13)

Elaine and Nathan, thick as thieves.  (10/6/13)

Oma Suzy and Wesley oversee construction of a grand new railroad.  (10/6/13)

Elaine takes over for Oma, reading Nathan a bedtime story.  (10/6/13)

Reading Calvin and Hobbes to her little brother.  (10/7/13)

Time for a family picnic at Memorial Park.  (10/8/13)

Halloween dress-up at Happy Hollow.  (10/12/13)

Big smile!  (10/12/13)

How will you talk to that goat-oat-oat-oat-oat?  (10/12/13)

Will you use an emote-ote-ote-ote-ote-icon?  (10/12/13)

Moons and Junes and carousels; the dizzy, dancing way you feel...  (10/12/13)

These quiet, focused, little angels spent the entire evening shrieking and giggling.  (10/12/13)

Uncle Andrew delights us all with his triangular, blue nose.  (10/12/13)

Oma and Wesley-Bear.  (10/12/13)

Elaine brings Wesley a bouquet of autumn leaves.  (10/18/13)

She imagines it would taste like California poppies, but neither of them actually taste it.  (10/18/13)

Little Boy Blue.  (10/18/13)

Dogs are fascinating and funny.  (10/20/13)

Elaine used her allowance to buy sidewalk chalk in sparkly and rainbow varieties.  (10/21/13)

Here she's drawn a tree that grows flying cars.  (10/21/13)

Brother and sister.  (10/22/13)

A quiet moment during the pumpkin patch fieldtrip at the Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm.  (10/25/13)

Picking out a pumpkin, gourd, and ear of corn.  (10/25/13)

Pumpkin Beard the Halloween Pirate!  (10/25/13)

A ferocious Wesley-Bear hides among our pumpkins.  (10/25/13)

Sleepy baby.  (10/25/13)

Borg baby.  (10/25/13)

The fairy queen, the fairy princess, and the cat.  (10/27/13)

Purple-people-eaters don't eat mice.  (10/27/13)

They eat people!  (10/27/13)

Mesmerized by the fire.  (10/27/13)

Very busy.  (10/28/13)

A three-headed monster slays a herd of pumpkins...  (10/29/13)

...before dividing up to clean them  (10/29/13)

We each chose a different shape motif for our pumpkin:  arches for Elaine, rectangles for Daniel, triangles for me, and circles for Wesley.  (10/29/13)

Mesmerized by a piece of technology predicted and inspired by Star Trek. (10/31/13)

Stardate 10-31-13:  An anomaly caused our captain to materialize as a six-year-old after an away mission to capture an infant borg for rehabilitation.

Resistance is futile.  Prepare to be assimilated.  (10/31/13)

Halloween is better in the original Klingon.  (10/31/13)

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