November, '13

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A little guy and his great-grandma.  (11/1/13)

A little guy and his unicorn.  (11/4/13)

Two bows.  (11/6/13)

Playing games.  (11/9/13)

Sleeping through games.  (11/9/13)

Surrounded by toys.  (11/11/13)

Wesley doesn't want toys.  He wants to chew on human hands.  (11/12/13)

Elaine said she needed some tape...  (11/15/13)

Next time I saw her, she had taped paper and cardboard eyepieces to her face.  (11/15/13)

Steampunk dancers.  (11/16/13)

Touching each other's noses.  (11/17/13)

Jump, jump, jump your sillies out.  (11/17/13)

Private concert.  (11/18/13)

Elaine's interpretation of the last unicorn and the red bull.  (11/23/13)

Sleeping on a good book.  (11/23/13)

Wesley was jealous of my toothbrush, so I gave him one of his own.  (11/23/13)

If he holds it by the bristle end, he can club things with it.  (11/23/13)

Wish time.  (11/24/13)

By rolling around the floor, Wesley found a dog toy.  Dog toys are waaay better than baby toys.  (11/24/13)

Time to roll on.  (11/24/13)

Eat your phone and be tickled too.  (11/26/13)

Elaine shows off one of her inventions:  The Smartest Computer In The World.  (11/26/13)

On the other side, it's a transmogrifier.  It can turn her into many animals.  The best one she's tried is the butterfly.  (11/26/13)

Fuzzy and blue.  (11/26/13)

As soon as he saw those googly eyes... (11/26/13)

...Wesley had to laugh at Cookie Monster.  (11/26/13)

Mixing, mixing, mixing.  (11/27/13)

A strange visitor invades Theresa's crib.  (11/27/13)

Elaine is thankful for not being an orphan; Hobbes is thankful for his borrowed tie; and Wesley is thankful for something to chew on with his new tooth.  (11/28/13)

A toast to their first Thanksgiving together.  (11/28/13)

The napkins were cooked perfectly.  (11/28/13)

All rainbows.  (11/28/13)

Elaine had her own pumpkin pie with a chocolate cookie crust.  Wesley had his own carrot and celery.  (11/28/13)

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