May, '14

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Elaine sings a variant of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" about a giant spider that battles with the rain.  (5/4/14)

The children feel differently from each other about going on a walk to see the rain-drenched rhododendrons.  (5/4/14)

Elaine collects fifteen flowers from the ground; Wesley would like a closer look at her collection.  (5/4/14)

Oma Suzy points out the different colors and kinds of flowers.  (5/4/14)

Elaine looks out at the view.  (5/4/14)

Nestled between ferns and rhododendrons, Wesley seems grateful that we're ready to head home.  (5/4/14)

Much better!  Crawling around free, picking flowers.  (5/7/14)

The Crown Prince of Daisies.  (5/7/14)

Wesley likes to read books with pictures of kitties.  (5/8/14)

A musical instrument suitable to Wesley's level of dexterity.  (5/9/14)

Wesley has taken up playing the kazoo.  (5/9/14)

Elaine gets really excited when she learns that a dinosaur species lived in North America.  (5/10/14)

Jurassic Mother's Day.  (5/10/14)

If Elaine were a dinosaur, she'd want to be a staurikosaurus.  This is an eoraptor.  (5/10/14)

Time to play dinosaurs!  Rah!  (5/10/14)

"My dinosaurs have magic!" -- Elaine  (5/10/14)

Wait a minute...  These would be much more fun if they were dumped out on the floor.  (5/12/14)

Yes, that's much better.  (5/12/14)

Elaine teaches her class about Asian elephants.  (5/15/14)

It's important to get out all that pent up energy after school before going to... dance class.  (5/19/14)

The transition was natural and gradual enough that the change is hard to pinpoint...  (5/19/14)

...but Wesley's been walking for a while now.  (5/19/14)

Elaine shows off one of her drawings from her Young Rembrandts cartooning class.  (5/20/14)

Wesley hears something interesting inside this tunnel...  (5/21/14)

Elaine is Rapunzel, sliding down her own hair, because her prince has come.  (5/21/14)

Let's go fly a pterodactyl.  (5/23/14)

Explaining to Elaine that she needs to run backwards to get the pterodactyl flying.  (5/23/14)

The pterodactyl takes to the air!  (5/23/14)

How high can a pterodactyl fly?  (5/23/14)

Wesley gets a turn holding the string, and it makes him very happy.  (5/23/14)

Elaine finds a crab leg.  (5/23/14)

Wading with Grandma Janet.  (5/23/14)

Never turning her back to the ocean.  (5/23/14)

Umbrella dance.  (5/30/14)

Wesley watches as Elaine goes up on stage with Auntie M. to congratulate her and her cohort on receiving their Masters in Social Work.  (5/31/14)

These wheels are much larger than the ones on the stroller.  Fascinating.  (5/31/14)

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