June, '14

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Elaine's first grade field trip to the zoo, and Wesley's first trip to the zoo.  (6/4/14)

The Bear Group.  (6/4/14)

The stroller is so constraining...  (6/4/14)

Much better!  (6/4/14)

The ungainly blob lying on a rock becomes a majestic, graceful dancer.  (6/4/14)

Wesley reaches for the penguin foot.  (6/4/14)

Elaine was excited to see the Asian elephants and told the other zoo visitors all about them.  (6/4/14)

A big present.  (6/7/14)

The big girls step in to help Wesley unwrap it.  (6/7/14)

A smaller, weaker human...  Perhaps, Wesley can steal her eyes.  (6/7/14)

Wesley's new wolf hat.  (6/7/14)

All of that cake... is for me?  (6/7/14)

The girls play with Wesley's new water table.  (6/7/14)

Presents, cake, happiness.  (6/7/14)

Stand-off at high four o'clock.  (6/7/14)

The epic squirt gun battle rages on.  (6/7/14)

"That!"  What do you want?  "That!"  (6/10/14)

Cupcakes and presents in the park.  (6/10/14)

Elaine ponders Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.  Wesley takes off with his new presents and a pinecone to run around the rose garden.  (6/10/14)

Elaine shows us that she's round like a donut.  (6/10/14)

Big bubbles on a windy day in Eastern Washington.  (6/14/14)

Bubble fairy.  (6/14/14)

Swings and slides.  (6/14/14)

Everyone wanted a turn carrying Wesley.  (6/14/14)

Five kids on a slide.  (6/14/14)

Elemental dreams.  (6/19/14)

Elaine shares some of her favorite Calvin & Hobbes strips.  (6/20/14)

Celebrating their Great Aunt Yan's sixtieth birthday.  (6/21/14)

Balloon-hat-a-palooza.  (6/28/14)

Wesley is very interested in his Auntie M.'s birthday cake.  (6/30/14)

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