July, '14

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Thrilled by Great Grandma Pearly's book.  (7/2/14)

Elaine and Hobbes time traveled to the Jurassic to photograph dinosaurs.  (7/4/14)

These dinosaurs were fighting each other.  (7/4/14)

Happy Shiny-Sparkly-Red-White-and-Blue Day!  (7/4/14)

The contents of the giant bag of fireworks that's been living in our closet since Elaine was a baby.  (7/4/14)

Elaine helped me light the fireworks.  (7/4/14)

Elaine does her fireworks dance, and Wesley shows no fear.  (7/4/14)

"Do I look like an alien?"  (7/5/14)

Epic blanket and pillow fort.  (7/6/14)

It's so comfortable that she could sleep inside it.  (7/6/14)

The baby comes to visit.  Then he tears the fort down.  (7/6/14)

Taking a break from fighting and fleeing dinosaurs, dragons, vikings, and pirates.  (7/10/14)

The Padawan becomes a Jedi.  (7/11/14)

Smiley face.  (7/13/14)

Stickers!?!?!  GRAH!!!  (7/13/14)

Wesley earns a sticker of his own and inadvertently invents a new game.  (7/13/14)

Carefully plotting his next move.  (7/13/14)

Stickers move wildly back and forth between the children's faces.  (7/13/14)

The young Jedi fights to protect peace in the galaxy.  (7/18/14)

Tired babies.  (7/18/14)

Bedtime for all the children.  (7/18/14)

Making cobbler.  (7/20/14)

Elaine flips through her new manga about a young witch.  (7/20/14)

Harmonica Player and Present Thief.  (7/20/14)

Elaine picks the perfect seven candles to celebrate her 363rd week.  (7/20/14)

Cobbler and candles.  (7/20/14)

Not quite tall enough to ride alone...  So, we did the rides together.  (7/23/14)

Wesley loved the goats and sheep.  He kept clapping at them.  (7/23/14)

"Let's hear it for the sheep.  Oh, let's give the sheep a hand."  (7/23/14)

Elaine wants to train parrots when she grows up.  (7/23/14)

A big day at the fair.  (7/23/14)

Walking with an apple.  Possibly the best activity ever.  (7/24/14)

Papa's Pizza birthday party.  (7/27/14)

Surrounded by friends.  (7/27/14)

Seven years old.  Oh yeah.  (7/27/14)

The present thief strikes again.  (7/27/14)

We distracted him with a big orange cat.  (7/27/14)

A toast to the new seven-year-old?  (7/27/14)

Ah, sparkling cider.  The perfect way to top off a day with two chocolate cakes, a lollipop, and sugar-covered pancakes for dinner.  (7/27/14)

Baby, you can drive my car.  (7/31/14)

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