August, '14

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Battling the wind.  (8/3/14)

Elaine calls this "tidepooling."  (8/3/14)

"I'm soaked!"  (8/3/14)

Eleventh anniversary, day two.  (8/3/14)

Covered in sand.  (8/3/14)

Elaine and Mackenzie offer to clean Wesley off by pouring water on him.  (8/3/14)

Chasing a seagull.  (8/3/14)

Kids in the surf.  (8/3/14)

Running from the waves.  (8/3/14)

Time for an outing with Auntie. M.  (8/8/14)

Kayaking!  (8/8/14)

To the tune of "Skip to My Lou":  Row, row, row to a loon!  (8/8/14)

Playing with trains at Grandma's house.  (8/10/14)

O' Puppy!  My Puppy!  (8/11/14)

Wesley will only deign to eat food that he can feed to himself.  (8/12/14)

There!  I'm sure there's something better to eat over there!  Bring it to me!  (8/12/14)

Wesley finds one of his sister's library books and takes off with it.  (8/13/14)

Distracted from his heist by a book about zebras.  Like Wesley, zebras have stripes.  (8/13/14)

Why would you want to edit a novel when you could pay constant attention to me?  (8/13/14)

I'm adorable.  (8/13/14)

There is nothing better than a dog water dish.  (8/14/14)

No dog could value these water dishes as much as Wesley does.  (8/14/14)

In fact, the dogs really don't need them.  Time for Wesley to make his getaway.  (8/14/14)

Watching the beautiful, deadly-hot summer through the glass.  (8/16/14)

Child-proofed cupboards.  Hilarious.  (8/20/14)

One of the flowers.  (8/23/14)

The last dusty fountain.  (8/23/14)

Cold river.  (8/23/14)

Warm hug.  (8/23/14)

Busy, busy, busy.  (8/23/14)

Guitar, ukulele, and tamborine.  (8/23/14)

Elaine lost a tooth eating a level ten s'more.  (8/23/14)

Too early.  (8/24/14)

Hip Hop Camp.  (8/29/14)

"I'm so fancy...  Do you want to build a snow man?  What does the fox say!"  (8/29/14)

Pilgrimage to the Children's Farm Home Chapel.  (8/30/14)

Eleven years later, two new hands.  (8/30/14)

Time to teach the baby how to play computer games.  Except, he'd rather pull the monitor off of the desk...  (8/31/14)

Pom-pom crafts.  (8/31/14)

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