September, '14

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The End of Summer Fairy.  (9/2/14)

Elaine loved her first day of second grade.  (9/3/14)

Soccer practice.  (9/3/14)

Trying to teach Wesley how to draw.  (9/6/14)

He thinks that maybe he'll just hoard the pens instead.  (9/6/14)

Elaine colors; Wesley enjoys his collection.  (9/6/14)

Heading to the park after school.  (9/8/14)

Into the deep green abyss.  (9/8/14)

Sliding together.  (9/8/14)

Swinging was only fun as long as his sister was pushing the swing.  (9/8/14)

Wesley spots his sister's collection of acorns.  (9/8/14)

Acorn thief.  (9/8/14)

Goose rustler.  (9/10/14)

Walking, riding, and waddling.  (9/10/14)

A beautiful day for a bike ride.  (9/10/14)

Also, a beautiful day for playing soccer.  (9/10/14)

Wesley wants to play soccer.  (9/10/14)

Little devil.  (9/10/14)

Reaching for perfection.  (9/15/14)

Number 27 kicks the ball!  (9/18/14)

The Golden Creepers playing their first game.  (9/18/14)

"The fairy is the captain of the pirate ship!"  (9/19/14)

Pirate and fairy, dancing together.  (9/19/14)

Transforming.  (9/20/14)

Silly faces.  (9/20/14)

Slipping through my fingers.  (9/21/14)

The tiny archeologist unearths a boot from his dig site in the closet.  (9/22/14)

Wesley can do the big slide at Elaine's school all by himself.  (9/23/14)

Way up high together.  (9/23/14)

Clutching the plushies I brought them from Rainfurrest.  (9/29/14)

Future furry.  (9/30/14)

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