October, '14

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Elaine's soccer nickname is Unicornasaurus.  (10/6/14)

Keeping her wish secret so it will come true.  (10/6/14)

Giving a wish to me.  (10/6/14)

I give a wish to Wesley.  (10/6/14)

Keeping his wish secret because he only speaks gibberish.  (10/6/14)

A collection of wishes.  (10/6/14)

The devil's not in the details.  The devil's in the cupboard.  (10/7/14)

Only one cupcake per person.  ONLY ONE.  (10/8/14)

Mocking himself.  (10/9/14)

Wondering if he can catch one of the birds.  (10/10/14)

"If you catch a raindrop, it turns into a cupcake."  (10/10/14)

Dreams filled with candy falling from the skies.  (10/10/14)

Two kids in the big city.  (10/11/14)

Taking over Seattle Center.  (10/11/14)

The leaves turn into jewels when they fall, and there are hidden princess castles around every corner.  (10/11/14)

Sleeping in Seattle.  (10/11/14)

Riding the monorail.  (10/11/14)

Green Lake is the heart of Seattle.  (10/11/14)

Dazzled.  (10/13/14)

My Little Equestria Girl prepares for Halloween by designing her own costume from thrift store treasures.  (10/15/14)

Unicornasaurus and Big Gun.  (10/18/14)

Blending in with the pumpkins at Lone Pine Farm.  (10/18/14)

Betraying the pumpkin's trust by kidnapping it. (10/18/14)

So very heavy.  Many, many pounds of pumpkins.  (10/18/14)

Making the wheelbarrow even heavier.  (10/18/14)

Giant equines.  (10/18/14)

Their breath was warm.  (10/18/14)

Happy together.  (10/20/14)

Carving the ghost pumpkin.  (10/21/14)

It's not easy being a green pumpkin.  (10/21/14)

Dreaming of flowers.  (10/22/14)

The Unicorn Dance on Halloween Eve.  (10/30/14)

Up early to infiltrate the second grade Halloween party.  (10/31/14)

Elaine brought slips of paper that read, "Good for One Wish, Granted by Unicorn Magic," to hand out to her class mates.  (10/31/14)

When we went trick-or-treating, she gave the slips out at every house.  Then she bowed her head and said, "You now have the power to grant your own wishes."  (10/31/14)

Moose and unicorn.  Calivin and Hobbes.  (10/31/14)

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