December, '14
(Part 2)

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Opening a present together.  (12/24/14)

First you carefully decorate it...  (12/24/14)

...then you destroy it!  (12/24/14)

Staring deep into the eyes of a furby.  (12/24/14)

"Only one more sleep 'til Christmas..."  (12/24/14)

Delighted that Santa gave her a real life jingle bell bracelet to match the virtual one in a game she plays.  (12/25/14)

Wesley was not happy to be woken up and told, "It's Christmas!"  He replied, "No, no," and pointed insistently back at his crib.  (12/25/14)

Treasures from Santa.  (12/25/14)

Wrapped boxes of blocks make good chairs.  Unwrapped and unboxed blocks make good diversions from divesting the Christmas tree of ornaments.  (12/25/14)

Elaine asked Santa for a cupcake making kit.  He didn't give her one.  Because we did.  (12/25/14)

Wesley shows his new-fangled phone to Great Grandma.  (12/25/14)

Making strawberry cupcakes with pink lemonade frosting.  (12/25/14)

Elaine and her BBF (Best Bear Friend) decorate six dozen cupcakes with silver pearls, star sprinkles, and glitter gel roses.  (12/25/14)

Back to divesting the tree of ornaments...  (12/25/14)

Pipe organ and tortoise.  (12/27/14)

Making fabulous ice cream cones.  (12/27/14)

Trucks.  (12/27/14)

After auctioning off the ice cream cones in a complicated bidding process, it's time to build rainbows and spaceships.  (12/27/14)

Totoro joins us.  (12/27/14)

Oma Suzy watches her grandchildren play with a puzzle.  (12/30/14)

Enjoying his cousins' toys.  (12/30/14)

Cousins and chaos.  (12/30/14)

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Christy in their natural habitat.  (12/30/14)

Grandpa Ralph doles out panettone.  (12/30/14)

Enjoying their hot chocolate.  (12/30/14)

Wesley has finally gotten the hang of Christmas.  (12/30/14)

Grandpa Ralph reads 17 Kings on 42 Elephants.  Wesley carries around something big.  (12/30/14)

Trundling along through a garden filled with oranges, lemons, kumquats, mulberries, figs, kiwi, squash, garlic, parsley, and dill.  (12/31/14)

Wesley senses an abandoned ladder, a giant pile of rocks, and possibly some large heavy tools nearby.  (12/31/14)

Elaine wishes Totoro a happy new year!  Totoro wishes her one, too.  (12/31/14)

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